Here at Wise Eyes Optical we genuinely care for you and your eyes. Dr. Wiesenthal will make you feel comfortable by talking to you in straightforward, jargon-free terms that you as the patient can completely understand.

Since 1982, Wise Eyes Optical has cared for generations of patients. Over the 34 years we have been in practice, our methods have never stopped evolving, but our dedication to providing our patients with the very best care has never waivered. We have a strong relationship and commitment to our community, our focus is on providing you with incredible eye care and treatment with a personal touch.

Why You Should Trust Dr. Martin Wiesenthal For Your Eye Care and Treatment:

One-On-One Yearly Eye Exams

Annual eye exams are a recommended cornerstone for ensuring the health of your eyes. In addition to checking for changes in your vision and updating your prescription, Dr. Wiesenthal will also look at your overall eye health, internally and externally.

Prevention and early detection are keys to maintaining healthy eyes, as some eye health issues have no immediate symptoms, but can still cause damage if left untreated. That's why regular check-ups are critical.

Wellness Starts With Being Well-Informed

During your eye exam, Dr. Wiesenthal may create a personalized Eye Health and Wellness Report to summarize your visit. In addition to noting any problems, conditions or diseases found during your eye exam, he may provide you with a report outlining the next steps you should take. It's a valuable tool Wise Eyes Optical offers to help you maintain and improve your eye health and vision.

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