Prescription Athletic Glasses

Sports can be particularly challenging for adults who need to wear glasses. Glasses tend to slip and slide with strong movements. Special prescription athletic glasses for adults are available, that are made entirely out of plastic, with temples that don't include hinges. These glasses include an elastic strap for the head that helps make sure the glasses stay in place.

Prescription Motorcycle Glasses

All motorcycle enthusiasts should know that eye protection while riding is the law and essential for safety. We have years of experience in designing riding glasses with and without prescription. Some of these options include glasses with cushions to add comfort in the wind. Very popular are those which allow for magnetically interchangeable lenses so that sun lenses can be replace with clear lenses while making a pit stop as the evening fades to night or vice versa at dusk. Also popular are transition lenses which become clear as the sun sets and darken in the daylight.

Prescription Swimming Goggles

Enjoy clearer vision while swimming and avoid possible hazards by wearing prescription Swim Goggles. They help protect your eyes against strong pool chemicals, harsh minerals and bacteria found in lakes and oceans. Also, with custom prescription lenses in your Swim Goggles, you will have better depth perception and a safer swim. As the experts, specializing in underwater sports eyewear, We can make your prescription work for your underwater activities.

Computer Glasses

Many people spend most of their day at a desk with a computer viewing one or more monitors for many consecutive hours. This often leads to extreme eye fatigue, eyestrain and headaches. This issue may or may not additionally involve the refractive errors. Dr. Wiesenthal can design for you a prescription to wear that will ease the burden of extensive computer viewing.

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