At Wise Eyes we have the most amazing and fresh collections of attractive frames and designer eyeglass styles in South Florida. When it comes to glasses, we know fashion is important. But that doesn't mean it should trump functionality. When was the last time a purse or set of cufflinks helped you see life to the fullest?

That is why we have a knowledgeable staff with a great fashion sense that will gladly assist you in choosing the the highest quality in lens and frame. Lenses that provide the clearest vision imaginable and frame styles to make you look your very best!

Eyeglass Lens Options


  • Thin & Lightweight
  • Scratch Resistant
  • 10 Times More Impact Resistant Than Standard Plastic Lenses
  • Has UV Protection

Anti-Glare Coatings

  • Limits The Quantity Of Light That Bounces Off Of Your Lenses
  • Greatly Reduces Glare Caused By Lights In Traffic & Indoor Overhead Lighting
  • Improves The Appearance And Comfort Of Your Eyeglasses
  • Help Relieve Eye Fatigue

Transition Color Changing Lenses

  • Respond To The Sun's UV Rays
  • Clear In Indoor Lighting
  • Darken Quickly In Bright Settings Or In Direct Sunlight.
  • Provide Nice Comfort While Outdoors
  • Does Not Darken In Car, Windshield Absorbs Light That Activates Lenses To Darken
  • Has Nice Looking Gray Transition Color


  • High Quality Sunglass Lenses
  • Reduce Reflective Glare From Flat, Shiny Surfaces (Such As Water Or Snow)
  • Specialize In Cutting The Blinding Glare Of The Sun That Causes Headaches
  • Has Nice Looking Gray Transition Color
  • Available in Zero Power For Use With Contact Lenses Or Those With No Prescription

Kids Optical

According to statistics, approximately one out of five children need to wear glasses to see accurately. Unfortunately, it can be hard to get children to wear glasses for one of several reasons. Children can find glasses uncomfortable, "uncool" and unstylish, or too fragile for an active life.

Fortunately, we carry strong, comfortable, stylish frames made for children. These glasses not only improve vision, but they look great too! Include your child in the choice of glasses. If your child likes the way the glasses look and feel, there is a much better chance that your child will actually wear them. When children wear their glasses they are more successful at everything that they do, both casual activities like sports and games, and learning activities at school.

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